Our Bear Machines Team

Founders, engineers, tinkerers

Mark Berendsen

Managing Partner Bear Machines

Mark develops and designs our Bear Machines. He is a tinkerer, engineer and founder of the company. With Bear-Cut, the first in-house development for re-cutting truck tyres is ready.

Stephan Berendsen

Shareholder Bear Machines

Stephan is responsible for the organisation and all smooth processes of the company. He also takes on important marketing and sales activities.

Markus Niewerth

Managing Director maakwi Energy & Environment Campus

Markus is an engineer and, as managing director of the maakwi Energy & Environment Campus in Heek, supports the company with the necessary tools, offices and his know-how in the field of machine parts and equipment purchasing.

Josef Warmeling

Sales partner and CEO of axxcelerate GmbH & Co. KG

Josef is an expert in strategy and business development with extensive experience in public relations, sales and marketing. With his expertise, he helps Bear-Machines GmbH to position itself successfully in dynamic markets and to grow.