Bear-Cut as a Service

Bear-Cut as a Service

We cut your tyres for you

Have your used commercial vehicle tyres regrooved by us and extend the service life of a tyre by at least 25%. Ask us for your tyre regrooving quote today.

Recutting On site at your premises

Convenient re-cutting at your own location

From a certain size, we can also regroove your tyres at your site. The Bear-Cut fits into a van and can be used very flexibly and quickly at all locations thanks to its integrated forklift receptacles. All you need is compressed air at 7 bar and a 230 V power connection.

Bring tyres (to 48619 Heek)

own transport to us

As a forwarding company, you yourself have suitable transport capacities. By prior arrangement, you can of course also bring your commercial vehicle tyres to us in Heek yourself.

Tyre box hire / transport

Easy transport of your commercial vehicle tyres

We can offer you comfortable tyre boxes for rent. With the help of the boxes, you can comfortably transport up to seven commercial vehicle tyres. The boxes can be opened and have forklift pockets for easy loading and unloading.